How To Organise Your Wardrobe So You Never Wear The Same Outfit Twice
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How To Organise Your Wardrobe So You Never Wear The Same Outfit Twice

Sometimes we all get lazy and end up wearing the same outfit for a few days, this is especially true about my husband! On an average they say that you only wear about 20% of everything in your wardrobe. These kind of statistics make me so sad as this means all those great shopping trips turn out to be pointless if you never actually wear the clothes.


This is something I have been struggling with for years and unless you have a personal stylist with you at your beck and call you must have struggled with this also. So I created an easy system for myself (and others who would like to use it) to organise clothing in a way where I get to wear them all without missing any pieces out. If you have a decent size wardrobe this should be a piece of cake, but if your wardrobe is quite large this exercise might take a while!


Ok, here we go!

The steps are as follows:

  1. Take out all the clothes from your wardrobe.
  2. Pick out a few items you particularly like at the moment. Preferable pick out 7 items one for everyday of the week.
  3. Pair the rest of your outfit with your chosen items making sure no item of clothing is repeated.
  4. Organise your outfits to the weather forecast in advance to avoid surprises when trying to get dressed in the morning.
  5. Place clothes on a hanger and make sure they are visible for the week ahead.


After you do this you should be ready to face the week. You can be extra and plan your outfits to the events you will be attending that week or pick any of the 7 outfits in the morning of the days. I usually pack all the other clothes away so do I don’t feel tempted to wear something else but that’s if you’re weird like me haha.


Hope everyone has a great week ahead with well planned outfits!

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