Make Money on Selling Apps from Spring Cleaning Your Closet
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Make Money on Selling Apps from Spring Cleaning Your Closet

I always have a tonne of clothing sitting around and I truly hate keeping things in the house I don’t use. So I created a plan a few years ago where decluttering my home and selling it became a full time habit. Not only will this create tonnes of of free space for you but also a few extra pounds. This applies to both clothes, books and home deco which means that if you have loads of stuff you don’t use anymore you should be a able to make a few extra pounds to hopefully spend on experiences and not things (but don’t let me tell you how to spend your money).

Make Money on Selling Apps from Spring Cleaning Your ClosetIt’s so easy to sell as you will only need your phone and a few apps which we will discuss later on. Start with decluttering your space, take to one side anything you don’t need that might be of value to someone else. Make sure the item is in good condition, if it’s a piece of clothing make sure it doesn’t have stains or holes. Then after accumulating a pile of things you would like to sell make sure they are cleaned and ready to be photographed.

When you are ready to photograph your items take a few pictures from all the angels, take photos of any damages the item might have close up and if it’s a garment make sure to have a picture of someone wearing it so the buyer can get a sense of what the fit is like. This is very important if you are looking to sell clothing as this alone could be a factor of someone buying from you. People usually want to see how the items fit on the body, especially if you are selling female clothing. Try to take photographs during the day in a room that is filled with natural light. If you know how to edit images on apps such as VCSO, Photoshop Fix or Lightroom please do so, if not I advise getting to know these apps so you are able to edit your photographs and have the best possible image that shows off your item to the buyer.

Apps To Sell Your Items On:
There are a number of great apps you can use for selling your items. All of them have slightly different approached and therefore here is my rough guide to the selling platforms I have used in the past.

This is a very easy app to use and you are able to sell multiple types of items including clothing, art, accessories, beauty and even bikes. From my personal experience this app is great for selling menswear and streetwear, as well as anything that is trendy and fashionable at the moment. You are able to receive money in two ways on Depop, with Paypal and straight to your bank. The problem with this app is it’s not as safe as other apps and some have been known to get scammed but with a good rating system you should be able to avoid looking like a scammer. This app pays you before you ship your items and has a seller fee of £1 plus Paypal service fees.

This app is primarily for women’s fashion and accessories and is also very easy to use. This app is my favourite as it does really well for me personally. Vinted has great ways of protecting the buyers and sellers and has no seller fees. There are also two ways to get paid, with Paypal and with bank transaction. It’s impossible to get scammed on this app so this one is definitely recommended.

Shpock is another great boot sale style app where you are able to sell anything from clothing to large furniture and cars. I have to my surprise managed to sell a few clothing items on this app. It has quite a big audience so this app is definitely worth exploring for selling options.

Good old Ebay never fails to help you sell. They offer first 10 listings for free as a new seller. Let’s be honest we have all purchased something from Ebay before, as such a huge platform you can almost guarantee sales if your listing is done right. With both a website and an app it’s easy to manage your account anywhere. There are a few charges for seller fees after your trial is over, these are determined by the price you are selling the item for.

Before posting items make sure you stock up on postal bags and tape. Try out these apps and let me know how your selling experiences turn out. If you have any more questions about selling apps or selling online in general please don’t hesitate to email on

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