My Life as a Freelance Social Media Manager and Blogger
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My Life as a Freelance Social Media Manager and Blogger

A lot of people (including my dad) don’t get what I do. My job didn’t even exist a few years ago, it’s an interesting position to have that’s for sure. The great thing is I don’t have to be located in any specific location to do what I do. I can just as easily work in any spot of the world that has a wifi as I currently do from London.

I’ve been a freelance social media manager for about 3 years now and blogging full time for the last year and a half. Before my current positions I used to work in digital design and marketing. If you talk to any designer who is unfortunate enough to get stuck in a demanding agency knows how daunting clients can be. After 4 years of working as a designer I walked out of my Head of Digital position (there were other factors included for my leave such as my boss not paying for my overtime) to pursue something with a lot more freedom. That’s when I fell into social media, I have worked with social media in the past, knowing enough to start working with clients on a freelance basis. Some of my clients have included bars, clothing brands, health food delivery companies, corporate companies and PR.

One of my favourite perks to the job is I get to cover social media for events. I have been to my fair share of press days and launches and they are all fun and games until you have to go to 7 in a row and they are all in different parts of the city. Trying to carry all those goodies bags on the Tube during rush hour is a sweaty job to say the least. Of course I completely love what I do and everyday I’m grateful for all the opportunities that come my way because of what I do.

The craziest thing of all is that everything I have learned about social media, the internet and digital marketing was formed by idle play online from the age of 12. Back then there was MySpace, which ignited my passion for learning HTML/CSS and what I didn’t know at the time was preparing me for my future career in social media. I actually went to an art school (Camberwell College of Art) and now process degrees in Illustration and Design, despite of this I work in social media as experience is far more important than education.

My daily activities as someone who does social media full time are spent 70% on my Iphone and the rest on my laptop. Between managing Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Polyvore for personal and client accounts I have to create daily content, edit it and upload it. Some companies also prefer me to send out their email marketing content which covers an area beyond social media and begins to cross over into digital marketing.

One of the areas that I haven’t explored fully is Youtube but I feel like you have to stick to your niches and I rather spend my time on Facebook or Instagram where I know what I’m doing rather than managing Youtube that doesn’t interest me as much.

Creating content is of course my favourite part of my job as I get to be my most creative here and people who do this for the wrong reasons such as fame or money will simply crack at the first obstacle. This has to be a true passion to really work. There are so many days where I do not want to shoot a daily outfit or create a flatlay but I do it anyways because consistency is more powerful that anything when it comes to social media so you stay relevant and  remembered.

I hope you found my experiences useful somehow.
If you have anymore specific questions about what I do please don’t hesitate to drop me an email on

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