How Do I Get Brands To Collaborate With Me?
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How Do I Get Brands To Collaborate With Me?

Everytime I get asked that question it brings me back to my first collab experience. Which was a quick and simple one, a Facebook friend has recently launched a streetwear company and wanted to send me one of his t-shirts to wear for my Instagram. At the time I only had about 7 thousand followers.
This seemed strange to me because I didn’t realise that my tiny amount of followers was good enough to start working with brands and receiving products to use and promote. In my experience of working in social media for the last few years I have noticed that brands are usually interested in bloggers with a following of 5 thousand and above.
After the collaboration was over I decided to try my luck and start contacting other brands. Now if someone tries to tell you the collabs started magically pouring in, they will be lying! I decided to get determined about my final outcome and proceeded to email as many companies as possible (and yes I’m talking hundreds). A lot of people will tell you that this approach is wrong but in the last year I have done well over 100 brand collabs and currently have just under 20k followers. So I don’t think anyone can now tell me that it doesn’t work. If you don’t ask, you don’t get and it’s as simple as that. So when people come to me and ask me what is the best way to start collaborating with brands I tell them that they simply need to reach out to the brand with an introduction about yourself as a blogger/ promoter and if the brand likes you they will contact you.

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