Hi I’m Gigi, I’m a content creator and blogger.

I started my blogging journey on 8th September 2016 up on returning back to the UK  from Malaga (Spain) after my friends wedding. I just hit 8,00 followers on Instagram at the time and finally decided to take blogging seriously.

Before I began blogging I have worked as a freelance designer and social media manager for e-commerce companies for the last 5 years. While I still do freelance projects to this day most of my time is occupied creating content.

My blog is based around fashion, travel and my life as a blogger. My main content are my daily fashion outfits but I love travel photography and art in general. I have a degree in Illustration and love to draw so my work is always incorporated into my blog somehow.

I love collaborating with fashion and travel brands and if you have any enquiries about working together please email gigisclosetuk@gmail.com

Most of my daily outfits are sponsored by brands on a gifting basis as it gets quite expensive trying to produce content everyday so this really helps me with the costs of doing a new #ootd everyday.